Force R Handcycle


  • Super reclined wrap around lower frame construction built of ovalized 7005 aluminum.
  • Aerodynamic tapered front fork and footrest system.
  • 7005 Frictionless Aero Crank arms
  • SRAM and Top End components, 27 speeds, 48-39-28 chain rings and 11/34 cassette operated by Hands-on Grip Shifter or Trigger Shifter.
  • Adjustable back angle and seat upholstery. Super comfortable and breathable mesh upholstery.

Product Specification:

  • Frame: Super-recumbent wrap around lower frame construction with welded seat and easy to remove fork for travel.
  • Frame Tubing: 7005 ovalized aluminum tubing with adjustable height crank. Optional diagonal and vertical adjustment or fixed height crank available.
  • Seat Width: Available widths 13″ to 18″ inside lower frame
  • Color: Choice of many exciting colors and optional fork/frame combinations.
  • Seat Depth: 13″
  • Footrest: Multi-adjustable fore/aft with safety straps. Choice of narrow or wide.
  • Camber Angle: 3, 0 or 6 degrees
  • Back Angle: 40 to 60 degrees rearwards.
  • Back Height: 27″
  • Back Width: Narrow high back
  • Power: The Force R handcycle is propelled manually. The propulsion system has external gearing and features a combination of SRAM and Top End components, 27 speeds, 48-39-24 chain rings and 11/34 cassette. The 11/34 cassette is operated by the SRAM Grip shift unit which is mounted on the right or left handpedal. It operates both the 11/34 cassette and the hands-on brake. A cable driven derailler system operates the top chain-rings. The Top End V crankset incorporate aluminum crank arms with a re-designed oversized bottom bracket spindle, which reduces weight but maximizes stiffness. The V cranks also feature integral pedal bearings and are offered in various combinations of widths and lengths to match the athlete’s needs and maximize pedal power strokes. They are designed to allow the user to change widths and length with ease. See order form for more details. Our exclusive(made just for Top End) ramped and pinned chain rings deliver unprecedented ease of shifting. Optional 30 speed cassettes and chain rings are available.
  • Handle Style: Ovalized aluminum with integreal pedal bearings. Available in small, medium and large.
  • Seat To Floor Height: 5″ with 2″ cushion.
  • Turning Radius: 18 feet for 360 degree circle, 12 feet with one backing manuever.
  • Wheels: Available with 26″ high performance wheels and high pressure clincher tires with threaded axles. Carbon fiber wheel upgrades available. Please see order form for details.
  • Product Weight: 24 to 29 pounds depending on size and options.
  • Overall Length: 86″
  • Shipping Product Weight: 65 pounds
  • Product Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Safety System: The shifter and brake is mounted on either the right or left handpedal. A parking brake/second brake is mounted on the fork. In addition, to the brakes the following safety items are included: drafting bumper, chain guard, safety flag, reflectors, footrest with safety straps and seat restraint with hook and loop fastener. Safety options available inlcude: leg guard, safety mirror, helmet, safety lights and hydration systems.