Topend Eliminator Racing Chair


  • Custom 6061 T6 aluminum frame available in standard or kneel-only frame styles with 4 cage choices: U, V, Open V or I cage with 18 powder coat paint colors to choose from.
  • Aluminum side panels, straight axle tube with rear wheel alignment, aluminum fork and Aero bars equipped with caliper hand brake.
  • Integral wrap-around fenders.
  • Kneeling, amputee or traditional adjustable upholstery, 700C high performance clincher or tubular wheels/tires with 1/2″ threaded axles.
  • Precision track compensator system, 20 inch front wheel with tubular tire, tire coated aluminium pushrims. See order form for options.

Product Specification:

  • Frame: Custom racing frame available in 2 frame choices: standard or kneel only. The Eliminator OSR is custom built to make the most of each athletes ability.
  • Frame Tubing: Frame is built of 6061 T6 oval aluminium tubing with rolled aluminum integral wrap-around fenders and full aluminum side panels. There are 4 different cage styles to maximize each athlete’s style.
  • Seat Width: Upper inside frame width and lower inside frame width are needed to ensure a proper fit. Please refer to the measuring guidelines on the back of the order form or the racing CD for clarification.
  • Camber Angle: Axle position is typically between 5″-8″. Camber of 11, 12, 13, and 15 degrees are available.
  • Seat Height: Rear seat height offered 15″ 16″, 17″ or 18″ from the floor. Front seat height is typically 1″ higher on the standard OSR and on the kneel-only OSR seat angle is used instead to determine the front measurement. See the order form for more details.
  • Wheels: 700C or 26″ rear clincher or tubular 28 spoke high performance wheels with threaded axles. Tire coated aluminium pushrims are standard. Composite wheels are available as an upgrade. Front wheel is 20″ tubular.
  • Overall Length: 64″ to 78″. The aero steering bars are adjustable so that the user can easily reach the calliper brake.
  • Product Weight Capacity: 250 pounds.
  • Warranty: 2 years on frame, one year parts.
  • Product Weight: Range from 14 to 16 pounds.
  • Color: 18 standard colors available.