S940GTX Interceptor Scooter


  • Brand new sporty streamline design with a full suspension system. Delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • New Digital LCD Dashboard Display featuring: Speedometer, Odometer, Temperature, Time and Battery Gauges.
  • Modern L.E.D. Lighting Package includes: Dual Head, Tail, Signal, Hazard and Brake lighting system.
  • Robust drivetrain powered by a P&G 140 amp S – Drive controller with a high RPM four-pole motor. Delivers exceptional performance.
  • Delta tiller (wrap around handle bar). Fits two rear view mirrors.
  • Comes equipped with an extra large glove box.
  • Deluxe 20″ reclining high back seat with headrest, swivel base and front to back seat sliders allowing generous leg and foot space.
  • Automatic electro-magnetic braking system with a back-up hydraulic hand brake for added safety.