SmartDrive System

SmartDrive Description The SmartDrive is a revolutionary new power assist device that will change your life. It can power you up steep hills and through thick carpet. It is intuitive to use, just push to go and tap then brake to stop, it’s that simple. It will go for miles on a single charge.

Pronto M41

Features: High efficiency in-line motors for greater speed and longer battery range. Dynamic A-Series integrated controller is built right into the joystick. Simplified SureStep suspension with six wheels on the ground for smooth driving and optimum stability. Comfortable and lightweight fold-down seat with width adjustable and fixed height arms (standard). Semi-recline van seat with width – Read More


Features: Gearless Brushless TrueTrack Motors standard. TrueTrack helps keep the power wheelchair on a true forward path. Quiet stability lock provides stability with a “damping” effect while driving. Available with 7″ elevating seat MK6i electronics with MK6 TrueTrack controller


Features: Enhanced SureStep suspension allows for the front casters to travel 6 inches (3″ up and 3″ down). Coming up and off everyday obstacles like thresholds now feels effortless and silent. Powerful and reliable 4 pole motors allow for a top speed of 5.8 mph Quiet Stability lock provides stability with a “damping” effect while – Read More

Navigator P424L

Features: Shoprider 14 inch mid-wheel powerchair Full Suspension On-board 4a charger with 50ah batteries Deluxe high back seat

Navigator P424M

Features:  Shoprider 10 inch mid-wheel powerchair Full suspension On-board 4a charger with 50ah batteries Deluxe high back seat

Pirouette 888WNLS

Features: Shoprider 8 inch mid-wheel powerchair Swing away joystick On-board charger with retractable cord 21ah batteries

Axis UL-8W SLA

Features: Shoprider ultra-light powerchair Easy as 1-2-3 to disassemble