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We sell Grab Bars, Suction Grab Bars, Shower Benches with Backs and Without Backs, Commodes, Various Heights of Raised Toilet Seats, Tub Bars, Tub Transfer Benches – Non Padded & Padded, Extended Shower Hoses and Much More.  Please call us for more details.

  • Exclusive Comfort Series

    Are you concerned that a walk in tub won?t fit into the space where your standard bathtub once stood? Don?t be ? with the exclusive Comfort Series? brand walk in tub, every detail was carefully thought out during the design phase. To ensure snug, proper fits in almost any bathtub space, the Comfort Series? designed a panel system called the Extension Kit. This panel system allows you to extend the length of the walk in tub as needed.

  • Outward-Opening Walk In Tub

    Enjoy easier wheelchair access and transfer. This walk-in bath provides an accessible, safe and relaxing bathing experience with the therapeutic benefits of an effervescent Air Spa combined with an invigorating Whirlpool massage. Made of fiberglass-reinforced acrylic, it features a large outward-opening door and chair-height seat for added comfort.