• Pegasus Pro 4-Wheel Outdoor

    The Pegasus PRO is a powerful upgrade to the Pegasus METRO. With room to accommodate 75 Ah batteries, larger wheels, and new double wishbone suspension, it is ideal for people who want superior performance and functionality from their scooter.

  • Pegasus Metro 3-Wheel & 4-Wheel Outdoor

    The Pegasus METRO three and four wheel scooters have been designed to focus on key aspects important to both new and seasoned scooter users.

  • Pioneer S148

    Overview: Trailmaster Pioneer 4-wheel scooter Digital LCD dashboard Dual headlights with active brake lights Rear suspension 50AH batteries with 5A charger Colours: red, blue or silver

  • Interceptor S840GT

    Overview New Digital LCD Dashboard Display featuring Speedometer, Odometer, Temperature, Time and Battery Gauges Modern L.E.D. Lighting Package includes: Dual Head, Tail, Signal, Hazard and Brake lighting system Robust drivetrain powered by a P&G 120 amp S – Drive controller with a high RPM four-pole motor. Delivers exceptional performance Infinite position Delta tiller. Fits two…

  • Yeti S746

    The yeti is an entry level full size scooter with standard features that luxury scooters in the same class enjoy .For example, mono cock suspension which gives it a much smoother ride than most in the same class, automatic brake rear lights, easy to read digital dash , gas strut tiller adjustment, which makes it easy to change the pitch of the tiller ever so slightly, 1.6 HP 4 pole motor giving you the torque and power found in products much larger. Ideal for those intercity jaunts at an economical price.

  • S17-Cutie

    This is one of the higher priced luxury scooters in the market place, here’s some of the reasons why. Boasts one of the best turning radius’s in it’s class, daylight LED running lights and side marker lights that automatically reduce in power consumption by 30% when stopped, mono-cock rear suspension which greatly reduces any of the sudden jarring when travelling over curb cuts or uneven terrain matched by an ergonomically designed swivel captains seat with builtin lumbar support. Ideal for those 6′ or under.

  • S23

    The new Heartway S23 is an exciting blend of power and precision that features full suspension, 13? tires excellent outdoor performance, an infinitely-adjustable tiller, on top of the luxurious reclining high-back seat.