• Pushtracker E2Pushtracker E2 1

    NEW PRODUCT! PushTracker E2

    Pushing a manual wheelchair can put stress on shoulders and lead to serious issues in the future. SmartDrive offers a range of controls and activity-tracking technology to deliver a seamless power assist experience that may reduce repetitive stress.

    Paired with the PushTracker E2 and SwitchControl, SmartDrive offers added flexibility, convenience and control options to empower your active lifestyle.

  • Smoov 4Smoov 3

    Smoov One

    Be fly!

    With the SMOOV, the dream of long city trips can become a reality. It is perfect for when you’re on the go and gives you a helping hand whenever you need it.

  • Smart DriveSmartdrive2

    Smart Drive MX2 + PushTracker

    The SmartDrive is a revolutionary power assist device that will change your life. It can power you up steep hills and through thick carpet. It is intuitive to use, just push to go and tap then brake to stop, it?s that simple. It will go for miles on a single charge. Turn on and get out there!