Every month, City Wide Scooters gives back to Our Place

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“There are so many ways people give back to their communities across Vancouver Island. And for one local Victoria company, giving back is all about ensuring mobility for some of the city’s most vulnerable residents”

For the past two years, once a month, City Wide Scooters has been visiting Our Place Society, downtown Victoria’s street shelter, to help those who need it with their mobility devices.“Being in the mobility business?” says Art Bamford, from City Wide Scooters, “you look after all kinds of needs, from walkers, canes, wheelchairs, scooters, power chairs, and repairs. But, the biggest bulk of the business is service. Making sure people are able to have dignity and be able to get some of their freedom back.“In a lot of cases it’s poorly inflated tires, loose tillers, tightening-up brakes, and discussing what some of the problems are that they’re having with their product, and seeing if we can be part of the solution.”

Many of these scooters have been donated to City Wide, which has refurbished them, and then delivered them to Our Place.“When Art comes in,” says Grant McKenzie from Our Place Society, “it really means everything to them. I mean, for so many people, this [mobility device] is their lifeline. This is their connection to the community. So it’s vital.“And Art volunteers his time to come in and do this,” McKenzie continues. “We really couldn’t do anything we do at Our Place without our volunteers, and it’s amazing when you see the spirit and the heart that the volunteers give to the family members as they get to know them on an individual basis.”Contact City Wide Scooters if you have a mobility device that you no longer need. You can be assured that will be greatly appreciated by someone else.

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