S12 Monster X

The highly anticipated Monster X (vita S12X) is issued from years of technical development, as it utilises the best innovations in the industry!

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Some of this vehicle?s stand-out-features are its top speed of 18km/h and its battery range of 45km. Another advantage is its robust design made of large wheels with pronounced features that provide ideal traction on rough terrain such as snow. Its independent and adjustable front and rear suspension provides a smooth ride on any surface.


Capacity: 160 kg (350 lbs)
Size: 62″?30″
Weight with battery: 150 Kgs (330 lbs)
Motor type: 4-Pole 900W
Controller: S-DRIVE 200Amp
Max speed:18 Km/h
Batteries (2): 12V 80Amp
Front Wheels(air): 13″? 4.8″
Back Wheels(air): 15″? 6.3″
Suspension: 4 Wheels
Charger type: 8Amp 120/240 Volt, 50/60Hz off board
Turning radius: 1350mm (53″)
Captain Seat Width: 20″(luxury sport seat)
Wheelbase: 42″
Battery range: up to 40km *

*Battery range depend (wind, wight of the user, slope, etc)



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